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Absorbing plate soaks up grease from food

Ever found yourself mopping up grease from an overly indulgent pizza? Or simply feeling guilty over an excessively greasy meal? The answer may well be this absorbing plate from Thailand.

As the country with the second highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia and a cuisine heavy on deep-fried dishes, Thailand has an obvious interest in innovative means to reduce calorie intake. Thus the Thai Health Promotion Foundation has teamed up with advertising company BBDO Bangkok to create the AbsorbPlate. The surface of this plate contains 500 holes designed to soak up oil from food, much like a sponge. Its capacity is 7ml of oil, which is about 30 calories. While this may not seem like much, 30 calories for every meal you eat does add up over time. Combined with regular exercise, it could very well contribute to make a difference.

AbsorbPlate patterns

The plate has reportedly already been launched as a trial, with several thousand units distributed to local restaurants in Thailand, but it’s not available for purchase just yet. Still, both Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine are widespread in Dubai. Could a similar concept become popular with weight-conscious customers here?

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