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An amazing selection of creative workshops to attend in Dubai

Eager to learn a new skill or just curious about new technologies? The -ING Creative Festival in Dubai has a host of different workshops and talks that we are keen to attend.

The Festival this year is scheduled to take place between the 11th and the 13th of April 2019 and will be located at Dubai Design District.

During these three days, there will be many conferences, talks and workshops (3 hours long for each) to attend, ranging from art, design, fashion, marketing, architecture to materials, illustrations, chocolate making, building with lego or bubbles and many more… The Festival also includes a Creative Market to visit.

Here are some of the workshops that gained our attention:

Curating for the Guggenheim
Hosted by: Sara Raza
Get a snap-shot of what it takes to put together a collection for the world’s most powerful art museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum with former Guggenheim curator, Sara Raza. Designed for those interested in driving narratives on contemporary art from and about the Middle East, learn the inner workings of Sara’s past project, how to build a collection and publicizing a project.

Hieroglyphics to Emojis
Hosted by: Missy Dempsey
You know them, you love them, you use them every single day. Emojis have clearly become the new norm for communication for billions and brands are increasingly looking to communicate their ideas in a playful, clear manner that transcends language. In this workshop led by branding Guru Missy Dempsy, attendees will analyze and unpack interpretations of popular emojis and why they are effective. Then in groups of 4 or more, you will be asked to design a set of icons for a specific industry, which can communicate in the same effective manner using impact as the guiding force.
At the end, groups will present and explain their strategy and their design thinking process as well as discuss unexpected difficulties. If you never thought about the power of an emoji, you will now! Come with your ideas, and leave with a better grasp on visual communication and the need for powerful icons in the future of branding.

Bubbles, Building and Structure Making
Hosted by: Michael Szivos
As a Yale Professor of Design, Michael Szivos knows a thing or two about design and built spaces. Join him for a hands on designing and building workshop, where you will base your design on none other than the innocuous bubble, building a lightweight structure out of laser cut cardboard. Michael will demonstrate how to use digital tools in fabrication and construction. Everyone will work as a team to then assemble the structure. Get ready to get handsy!

Packaging Design for the Future
Hosted by: Anna Glansén
Rethink and recycle in this hands-on workshop led by Swedish Designer Anna Glansen. Start by exploring the processes, methodologies and tools necessary for creating impactful, sustainable and beautiful packaging. Then get handsy and give creating sustainable products, a spin. If you’re interested in products, packaging or pollution reducing ideas, this will be right up your alley!

Storytelling for a Brand
Hosted by: Nicole Hendrix
Branding is in everything that we experience in our day-to-day life. From the food that we eat, the shows that we watch, or the clients and jobs that we might be trying to get – branding is subtle – and sometimes not so subtly- steering decisions all around us. In this workshop, first, learn how to identify and finetune a brand using goals and data. Then, through a mixture of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, create a 360° marketing campaign for outdoor, digital, mobile, TV, and social, using storytelling that strengthens the brand.

The Plastic of the Future
Hosted by: Anna Glansén
Brainstorm, experiment sketch and create with cellulose, a plastic-like material with sustainable design expert Anna Glansén. Considering the properties of this new material, come up a with a product design that will be essential for our lives in the future and combines sustainability with functionality. For those that love the earth and love getting their hands dirty!

There are many more to join. Check the detailed schedule and pricing HERE.

Here is a glimpse at the 2018 Festival below (video):

-ing Creative Festival | 2018 from INGcreatives on Vimeo.

The Story behind -ING

“At -ing, we are passionate about inspiring YOU and helping YOU to become the best possible maker. We believe in shifting the existing paradigm from consumerism to creativity. We push for this change through an annual creative festival and workshops throughout the year.”


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