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Organize the way you organize with Centrallo

Centrallo is an impressive app that helps to organize your life with less effort. It provides a streamlined way to create lists of things. These things can be your to-dos, lists of your favorite coffee houses, or favorite recipes with pictures of food and step-by-step instructions. Centrallo lets you share your lists with friends, colleagues, and family members across several social media channels. You can also search and retrieve information from any device whenever you need it.

Founded in 2013 by Michael Sher and Rob Moffat who were suffering from digital information overload, they wanted an app that would help them organize and access important information on-demand. Michael raised some money from a friend (and former competitor – Rob) and a family member and set out to solve his personal organization pain points. As he discussed his idea with others, Michael realized that his challenges were in fact global and a problem that millions suffer from.

While Centrallo initially takes a while to set up, after you have a few entries under your belt, note taking becomes quick and simple. The quick add feature is perfect for this type of usage, it allows you to make a text entry, set a reminder, save a photo, make a voice note and more – ideal for the forgetful types.

Available on both iOS and Andorid, Centrallo will help you like a life more organized.



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