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Preparation is key, so watch out for these mistakes to avoid a faux pas.

A job interview can make or break your application. Here are some blunders to look out for when meeting potential employers in the UAE.


Not putting your phone away

Put your phone on silent and in your bag. There’s nothing worse than scrambling to cancel a call in the middle of an interview. You may get the urge to do a little scrolling before the interviewer arrives, but you don’t want to get caught checking your Insta feed.


Failing to be diplomatic

The UAE is home to hundreds of nationalities with different backgrounds and beliefs. You’ll never know who you might encounter in your interview. That’s why it’s important to avoid revealing too much about your conservative or liberal leanings. When applying for a job, remain as neutral as possible and stay professional.


No questions asked                                                                                                 

It’s important to show companies that you’re curious about them too. Asking questions about the role, company structure or culture, proves that it’s not just about landing a job for you, but finding the right place to work.


Playing off weaknesses

Show your best side, but don’t cover up weaknesses. If you’re new to the UAE, it is better to acknowledge your unfamiliarity with the market than assume your previous experience is enough to get you by. Express your desire to learn and be honest about what you’d like to improve.


Article by: Alexandra Chaves 

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