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Home-grown talent launches first random act of kindness app.

As we all know, snap judgements can lead to bad karma but random acts of kindness on the other hand are usually pretty good for everyone involved!

Lucky then, there’s a new app that helps non-profit organisations and foundations to crowd fund and crowd source their social media campaigns. Introducing the first ever random acts of kindness app to capture, share and spread Karma – KarmaSnap.

KarmaSnap was founded at the end of last year by five Dubai-based entrepreneurs who embarked on a quest to “amplify the impact of social good or selfless acts.” Making the world a better place is quite an ambitious vision, even for world leaders, but these guys seem to have hit on something rather special.

For those who aren’t familiar with social media, the Twitterspere and blogosphere can be a minefield. The crowd-powered app not only helps you to navigate the social media landscape, but thrive in it, making sure your tweets and posts are abuzz with feel good awesomeness.

Users can like, comment or share posts to increase their social impact index, find campaigns to volunteer for or even start your own campaign.

KarmaSnap is available to download from the App Store and Google Play and, of course, it’s free.

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