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What we can learn from extroverts.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?  Check out the infographic below by Happify depicting what every extrovert needs to be happy and successful.

In general, extroverts tend to lead happy lives most of the time, as they get instant satisfaction from reward-based activities, while their outgoing nature boosts their morale.

Also, they tend to stay happier for a longer period of time after experiencing something that they enjoy. This can even be as simple as going to a movie or dinner with friends.

So, what can the rest of us learn from these personality types? To start with, we can keep up with social activities and plans and opt for verbal conversation as opposed to texting when possible.

Trying a new activity at least once a month as it keeps things exciting and changes up your routine.

While it’s good to engage with others, you should also be cautious about how friends or colleagues may be influencing you. Extroverts are more susceptible to peer pressure than introverts.

If you are yourself an extrovert, you may find it difficult to be happy or remain occupied when you are alone. Finding a hobby or activity that you can enjoy yourself is important, as you will not always be in the company of others.

Browse the infographic below and once you are done, find out about introvert personalities by clicking here.

extravret infographic



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