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You have probably heard this many times: it takes 7 or 8 seconds for people to make their first impression when you meet for the first time. 

That’s why our attitude is so important to make this first impression a success, and can be crucial especially if you meet your new boss, a potential client, or a new member of your team. 

So we thought it’s always useful to give some reminders about the importance of body language. 

SOAP has created an interesting infographics with 10 key tips ranging from how to behave in order to make people like you and drive their attention on your key points. 

With these 10 powerful body language tips, enjoy your upcoming presentation and meetings. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • Open your chest and arms. This position will make you breathe better and feel more relaxed 
  • To make your audience comfortable, simply smile at them, smiling is your most powerful weapon 
  • To make your audience buy your story, use positive gestures during the entire presentation, nodding, open gestures, smiling, mirroring. 


Body Language Examples 10 Good Body Language Examples to Use in Presentations

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