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This new app makes conducting market research a walk in the park

Forget endless call-outs for mystery shoppers, setting up lengthy online surveys and waiting weeks for customer data – market research has finally caught up with modern technology with the arrival of Task Spotting, a fantastic new app making it easier than ever to conduct market research for your business.

The secret? Crowdsourcing. All you have to do is register an account on the site and advertise your ‘mission’, including the list of tasks you need completed (such as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers or mystery shopping). Everyday consumers (‘Spotters’) who have downloaded the Task Spotting app can then see your request and choose to complete the mission. Once finished, the Spotter will then submit their data through the app, which is then stored on a ‘cloud’ dashboard that you can access anywhere, anytime. That means you’ll be receiving trustworthy data, directly from the consumer, in real time. Too easy.

Of course, your market researchers won’t be working for free, and payment is determined on the complexity of the task (the current average is 20 to 100 dhs a mission). Spotters can collect their earnings via Paypal or at their nearest UAE Exchange outlet, and can even choose to donate their earnings to Noor Dubai, which works to free the world from preventative forms of blindness.


Task Spotting available from Apple App store and Google Play















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