Hue by Philips
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An intelligent lighting system takes home lighting to a whole new level

Hue is an intelligent LED lighting system controlled by an application on your smartphone. This revolutionary piece of technology works via your home WIFI system. Basically, it is used to regulate the color and intensity of your lighting and set the mood of your home. After setting up the bulbs in your home, just download the app and take it from there.

You can set the system to do pretty much what you want. The simplest of tasks is setting the light to the color of your liking. Are you working from home? You’d probably want a sterilized white environment. Having people over for a home-cooked meal? A warm orange tinted light sounds about right. The possibilities are as many as the colors found in nature.

What’s more, is that you can program Hue to do certain things for you. For example, if the weather forecast is stormy, you can set Hue to give off a purple color. Or once you receive an email, the lights could blink a couple of times. You can even set the lights to turn on before a meeting begins. To complete these tasks, the Hue app functions in conjunction with other apps on your smartphone, such as weather, email, and calendar apps.

Working on the clock? You can use the system to stimulate sunrise or sunset, or set the lights to a light blue as you do some research. Really, the only limit to what the system can do is up to you. You can set colors to fit your current mood or set colors to create the mood you want (or even recreate a mood from a photograph).

The system is perfect for people who are working from home. Increase your productivity by setting the right mood for you to work, brainstorm, or your meet up with some colleagues.

Hue By Philips





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