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Tips to create a brand identity that stands out

Creative Market is a platform that helps businesses design their brand identity, as illustrated by the infographic below. A company’s brand identity is its calling card, creating an image that clients will associate with the company in the future. It requires research in several areas, such as:

– Brand statement
– Positioning against competitors
– Brand values and beliefs
– Target audience

The most characteristic element of a brand’s identity is its logo, as it is what the target audience will remember most vividly. The logo is also the basis for the brand’s broader visual identity, including elements such as typeface, layout or color scheme. The use of these elements is spelled out in the company’s style guidelines.

A brand’s identity may also need to change to keep up with evolving market conditions or customer preferences. If rebranding is necessary, it’s crucial to maintain the right mix between innovation and familiarity, so as to retain the customer base.
Brand identity
Creative Market offers brand identity design resources and classes to help businesses make the best impression they can, and may be just what you need if you’re struggling to find the right brand identity for your company.

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