Avoiding burnout
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Tips to overcome burnout

Contrary to what you may think, burnout does not only happen when you can’t cope with a job you dislike. The boom of a successful enterprise can also become overwhelming.

The following infographic from The Simple Dollar shows the various effects of burnout, such as irritability, sleeplessness or even depression. It also advises on the steps to adopt to avoid it. In brief:

1) Regulate your sleep schedule: Lack of sleep can impair concentration, memory and job performance, all of which contribute to burnout.
2) Take regular breaks: Taking a short break (5-10 mins) every hour helps with productivity. On a larger scale, taking regular vacations has a similar effect.
3) Exercise on a regular basis: It doesn’t have to be every day, and it doesn’t have to take long, but exercise keeps you healthy and reduces stress.
4) Spend more time in green spaces: Even if it’s only a short stroll in the park around the corner, spending time in natural environments also reduces stress.
5) Shorten your workday: This is probably the most difficult item on the list to apply in our work-intensive societies. Nevertheless, 10-hour workdays have been shown to boost productivity.

Six Ways to Avoid Burnout

Important advice for the busy entrepreneur!

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